The Artist in a lavendel field at Sault in Vaucluse, France

Ute Stenek-Markowski was born in Feldkirch, in the wonderful region of Vorarlberg  / Austria, which sits between the Bodensee (Lake Constance), the impressive mountains of the Silvretta (Montafon) and the famous ski resort of Arlberg. From her childhood she was interested in both Art and Nature.

Throughout Primary and Secondary School she was fascinated by painting and creative arts. Her teachers at this time were Prof. Rauch and Prof. Franz Pachner.

It was not until after her two daughters left home that she began to concentrate seriously on her former hobby of painting; this has now become a most important part of her life.

Thanks to personal contacts with the famous Austrian Academic Painter and Artist Prof. Eugen Jussel and also the internationally renowned painter and sculptor Yargo de Lucca, of Javea, Spain, Ute has made her artistic break-through.

Her artistic development grows and deepens through a variety of workshops and training courses attended by both local and international artists.

The inspiration for her work arises from her profound feeling for nature and colours, which impact upon her imagination during her numerous visits overseas. She travels widely, frequently to Spain, France, the USA and Canada (Indian Summer), always making contact and exchanging ideas with local artists.

Ute specializes in oil and acrylic painting – be it with brushes or spattles. Her particular interest however is experimenting in mixing-technique.

Her artistic range is impressive as her work demonstrates, moving from paintings which are subtle and subdued through to a bold and colourful palette, but invariably relating to the landscapes and natural elements which are her main influence. Act-Painting has become a particularly important part of her work during the last few years.

Successful exhibitions in Alicante (Spain) and in the Lake Constance-region (Bavaria and Vorarlberg) have spurred her on to even greater endeavour and encouraged her to bring her work to a wider public through more exhibitions.

Based on her maiden name “Markowski” Ute signs her paintings